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Entrance 20151203 WEBThe Aquarium at Rockport Harbor currently houses 22 tanks, with sizes ranging from 20 gallons to 1200 gallons. Of those 22, only two contain non-native fish. Fish are donated to us from local resources such as Texas Parks and Wildlife and licensed bait stands and shrimpers. 

JettyTank 20151124 01 WEB

Jetty Tank

This tank models a jetty environment, showing a few examples of the species that can be found there. This tank currently houses a longspine sea urchin, gray snapper, a blackedge moray eel, as well as several striped burrfish. 

MarleysNewTank 20160328 02 WEB

Marley's Tank

Marley the honeycomb moray eel is one of the only species in the Aquarium that is not native to the Gulf of Mexico. Even though he is not native, he is an ambassador for the 5 species of moray eel that are native to the Gulf of Mexico. Marley is over five feet in length and is the most popular animal in the Aquarium.

GulfTank 20160901 01 WEB

Gulf Tank

The Gulf tank models an offshore environment in the Gulf of Mexico, using a driftwood structure that is encrusted in barnacles.  This tank exhibits several different species found in the Gulf, black drum, Atlantic spadefish, Atlantic tarpon, and a blue runner.  The Gulf tank is one of the two largest tanks in the Aquarium.  It contains 1200 gallons of water and has a large-view acrylic window. 

BayTank 20160901 02 WEB

Bay Tank

The Bay tank has marine life normally found in local bays. This tank currently houses red drum, hardhead catfish, spotted seatrout, a remora, and a tripletail. The Bay tank is one of the two largest tanks in the Aquarium.  It contains 1200 gallons of water and has a large-view acrylic window.  

RoundTank 20160901 01 WEB

Round Tank

This 600-gallon tank is used as a transition tank for the fish to grow larger before moving into the Gulf and Bay tanks. The tank currently houses Atlantic spadefish, Crevalle jacks, a lookdown, and a rockhind.  

Seahorses 20160706 03 WEB

Sea Grass Tank

The sea grasses that grow in our local bays are a very critical part of the environment that nourishes our marine life.  These grasses provide protection for small fish and shrimp, as well as mating and nursery grounds for spawning fish. This tank houses seahorses, burrfish, pipefish, least puffers, silversides, and Atlantic spadefish.

AllTanks 20160401 WEB

Other Tanks

In our various other tanks, we display shrimp eels, clearfin lionfish, spotted seatrout, yellow wrase, toadfish, various crabs, and more! 


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